Printed for The Mockingbird Foundation, edited by Marco Walsh and Phillip Zerbo, 2016. I was awestruck as I paged through and back through the third edition of  The Phish Companion: A Guide to the Band and Their MusicThe myriad of details is incredibly impressive. Ellis Godard, Executive Director for The Mockingbird Foundation describes it best as “a labor of love-not only for Phish, but for music generally,” which is evident throughout all 898 pages of this hardcover smyth sewn book. The full color interpretive illustrations and exceptional photography are printed on dull paper throughout. The title is debossed into the wrapped black cover in white, gray and an elegant bronze foil. For easy reference, the pages have been printed with a one inch band of color along the edge of each of the eight chapters, along with the addition of a loose bright pink ribbon which has been sewn into the binding. The attention to detail is extended to the outer shipping container which is printed on white corrugated cardboard, enticing the reader with bold black letters to “READ THE BOOK…IT’S SHOW TIME.” This beautifully comprehensive guide is not only a gift to the Phish community, but will benefit the numerous music education programs that the Mockingbird Foundation has so generously created and supported. From The Mockingbird Foundation: The third edition of The Phish Companion: A Guide to the Band & Their Music is more than an essential reference guide. It’s a hard-bound, 898-page, full-color feast for the senses. Completists will get lost in thousands of freshly-manicured setlists, song histories, and charts. Prose junkies will binge on hundreds of evocative show reviews and fan stories. Photophiles will gape at 128 pages of dazzling Phish photography – most of which has never been published. And poster collectors, get ready: The Phish Companion’s eight chapters are anchored by stunning original works from Welker, Masthay, Helton, and more – each of whom was commissioned to freely interpret a period of Phish. No need to wait in line before “doors” for this art. that’s not enough, the net proceeds of your purchase will benefit music education programs via grants from The Mockingbird Foundation. We firmly believe that music is not extracurricular, and we have seen first-hand how your generosity changes lives. Yes, the Phish story is one of epic sweep, but it’s also personal. It’s about the feeling that overtakes you when the lights go down and the roar comes up. Feel the feeling, right at your fingertips. Read The Book.

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