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Marcel Storr: Reimagining Paris

[gallery ids="4649,4647,4646,4645"] Printed for Andrew Edlin Gallery, for the exhibition, Marcel Storr Reimagining Paris, September 13th- October 25th, 2014 Reimagining Paris is a beautiful soft cover book highlighting some of the works by Marcel Storr. It was printed on uncoated paper bringing out the dramatic colors and fine details of Storr’s drawings.  The cover and back were printed with a matte finish and have impressive seven and a quarter inch flaps on both the front and back folding out to a thirty and a half inch spread highlighting more of Storr’s works. This exhibition catalogue is perfect bound and contains 78-pages. From Andrew...

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Walter Dahn: 4th Time Around/ (My Back Pages)

The exhibition takes its name from two songs by Bob Dylan, a favorite of both Prince and Dahn. “4th Time Around” is a song about a couple having an argument and later reconciling, while “My Back Pages” is Dylan’s poignant look back at his own early, idealistic protest-song years....

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"Clearly, the work of “knowing” designers. The strong conceptual framework provides a structure for the book. The iconoclastic pacing and texture of the book is effective and nods to Bruce Mau’s S,M,L,XL and some books by Irma Bloom."...

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