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Out of Memory

Out of Memory brings together a diverse group of internationally based artists, who mirror the attitudes, rituals and compulsivity of the post-digital generation’s unprecedented access to an infinite database. Artworks in video, sculpture, painting, and mixed media adeptly juxtapose the obscure with the obvious, the morbid with the humorous, subcultures with mass media, and cultural nostalgia with concern for the future....

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Andrea Bowers: #sweetjane

This publication represents an overview of the artist's work since 2006. It highlights Bowers' (born 1965) commitment to merging art and social activism with a focus on political and environmental issues. This publication weaves together multiple strands of the artist's practice to foreground her incisive vision, activism and dedication to social justice. ...

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Martial Raysse

Martial Raysse’s proto-Pop paintings and sculptures of this decade focused primarily upon the physical alterations he made to existing images of women, mostly anonymous models found in readily available fashion publications and ads (and, frequently, snapshots of his own wife France). In these early paintings Raysse obsessively examined the possibility of accessing beauty through artifice. His surfaces were alternately degraded and exaggerated, enlarged and cropped; their visual syntax was reframed or reordered in a way that rendered each resulting composition simultaneously more and less “real.”...

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