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Founder and Editor in Chief, Sabrina Banta, chose the words Tabula Rosa, meaning blank slate in Latin, as the title for her new publication. The title suitably describes her launching magazine which will feature a new theme and photographer with each issue. The pages of the publication are printed on 80lb Futura Matte Text paper and are covered with a crisp white 100lb card stock. The title is gracefully blind embossed on the clean white cover....

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James Turrell Video

Printed for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, for the exhibition, James Turrell, June 21 – September 25, 2013. From Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: June 21–September 25, 2013 James Turrell’s first exhibition in a New York museum since 1980 focuses on the artist’s groundbreaking explorations of perception, light, color, and space, with a special focus on the role of site specificity in his practice. At its core is Aten Reign (2013), a major new project that recasts the Guggenheim rotunda as an enormous volume filled with shifting artificial and natural light. One of the most dramatic transformations of the museum ever conceived, the installation reimagines Frank Lloyd...

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Roy Lichtenstein: Expressionism

During a trip to Los Angeles in 1978, Lichtenstein was fascinated by lawyer Robert Rifkind's collection of German Expressionist prints and illustrated books. He began to produce works that borrowed stylistic elements found in Expressionist paintings. Plucking stylistic strings while leaving the raw emotional tone of the movement behind, Lichtenstein's use of Expressionism and other pivotal moments in art history called all remaining boundaries into question....

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