Printed for Gagosian Gallery on the occasion of the exhibition,  Jeff Koons: Hulk Elvis, November 6-December 20, 2014.

This fully illustrated catalogue uniquely features two books singer sewn together into one. The semi gloss pages are separated by screen printed black and gold card stock. The shiny white cover highlights Koons Hulk (Friends) and is pasted upon black card stock. The catalogue is 54 pages and measures 10 3/4 x 13 3/4 inches.

From Gagosian:

Hulk Elvis represents for me both Western and Eastern culture, a sense of a guardian, a protector, that at the same time is capable of bringing the house down.

—Jeff Koons

Gagosian Hong Kong is pleased to present “Hulk Elvis,” Jeff Koons’s first major solo exhibition in Asia.

With sources as diverse as children’s art, comic book characters, and figures from classical antiquity, Koons draws a common thread through cultural history with works that attempt to touch the core of the human psyche. Working through conceptual constructs including the new, the banal, and the sublime, his art has evolved from its literal, staid beginnings in readymades to baroque creations that extol innocence, beauty, sexuality, and happiness in confounding combinations of abstraction, figuration and sumptuous effect.


Design by Graphic Thought Facility, London
Written by Philip Tinari
Color separations by Echelon, Los Angeles
Printed by The Avery Group