Printed for Gagosian New York on the occasion of the exhibition, Howard Hodgkin From Memory, May 5-June 18, 2016.

The cover of this fully illustrated hard cover catalogue, features Hodgkins Clouds 2015 printed on coated paper. The images on the endpapers are printed on dull paper. It is case bound and measures 11 1/4 × 11 1/4 inches.

From Gagosian:

I am a representational painter, but not a painter of appearances.
—Howard Hodgkin

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present “From Memory,” recent paintings by Howard Hodgkin.

With sweeping lines of vibrant color, these works convey fleeting private moments and intense recollections. Paintings such as Morning (2015–16) and Dirty Window (2014–15) turn memories of domestic moments into experiences of pure color; while Love Song (2015) and Blues for Mrs. Chatterjee (2015) avow how words fall short of ever truly being able to describe sensations and phenomena. Completed between 2014 and 2016, Hodgkin’s paintings create pockets of time and silence, demonstrating afresh the expressiveness, the mystery, and the seeming simplicity of his art.

With a deep and vivid palette and dynamic interchanges of light and dark, these paintings—always executed in oil on wooden panels—collapse the usual binary distinctions between abstraction and representation, narrative and pure sensation, past and present. Hodgkin’s images are intimate, thoughtful, and ultimately indescribable, yet they suggest great arcs of time and thought.

Essay by James Lawrence
Color Separations by Echelon, Los Angeles
Printed by The Avery Group